The Austrian Festival Culture was born about 40 years ago in Wiesen, an event venue situated in the state of Burgenland. In 2016, right on time for its 40th anniversary, this most beautiful outdoor venue moves once again into the focus of the music industry.
Because 2016 will also be the birth year of an entirely new (festival) format: NU FORMS FESTVAL.
And the team behind this new born baby is no stranger. Mastermind Christian Lakatos and his former Urban Art Forms Crew are responsible for what is already referred to as a family get-together of the international Drum N‘ Bass Scene and Bass Music Culture.

NU FORMS is not simply about the consumption of music. It is conceived as an event to sharpen the senses for all layers of this musical subculture.
Festival visitors will be able to take part in competitions and workshops and thus become actors and participants. From the Scene for the Scene!
Also in terms of Visual Art a new experience is to be expected. Responsible for the realization of this new visual art experience is the crew of 4youreye, which has been been part of the family for over a decade and which is considered an international authority in the field.

Contrary to other endeavors (developments), NU FORMS FESTIVAL will consciously remain an intimate gathering. So tickets will be limited. The feel-good factor of our visitors and artists is our main priority.

“We wanna have the good ones! Those who also live it!” NUF said.



LINE UP In Alphabetical Order:

Line-up Final
PANEL_C_u_K_u_S_32_c_Lupi_SpumaThe Gap Interview

Christian Lakatos says „Urban Art Forms is dead“. Next year he will promote a totally new festival. Read the detailed interview here, where he’s talking about Austria’s changing festival scene and his future plans for NUFORMS.

Ticket linkTickets are on sale now!

Early Bird Weekend and Daytickets are available from 24th November till 31st December 2015. The normal ticket sale will start on 1st January 2016. Be an early bird and grab your tickets NOW!

Arcadia Live Foto mit LogoWiesen 2016 - all shows

Full festival & concert program for Wiesen 2016 will be announced soon! Interested in festival and concert shows from Alternative to Hip Hop and Jazz?

Get the latest info online here:

40 Years Austrian Festival culture

In 2016 „Wiesen“, a festival area situated in the Austrian state of Burgenland, will celebrate its 40th anniversary. And right on time to support (participate in) these epic celebrations, we are pleased to announce that Arcadia Live GmbH concluded an exclusive agreement with the Bogner Event GmbH for the next five years.

Wiesen truly is one of the most beautiful event venues in the Austrian countryside. Since 1976 the name “Wiesen” does not only stand for the name of a village of 2.800 inhabitants on the outskirts of the market town Rosaliengebirge, but is also used as a synonym for great music,  awesome festivals and an atmosphere created by its closeness to nature.

Wiesen | Burgenland

The festival site is located at the northern end of the town of Wiesen and covers an area of about 1.2 ha. The site presents itself as a modern venue with complete infrastructure in place. Among musicians it is often described as one of the most beautiful venues in the European festival landscape.

The characteristic tent – a unique steel rope construction in which no pillars, ropes or support elements can disturb the audience’s view of the stage – protects 4,000 visitors from sun and rain and opens up on one side to an open-air area.

Out there an additional 4.000 people can be hosted, so that the total capacity adds up to approximately 8.000 visitors. The open-air area is slightly uphill and leads into the foothills of an adjoining forest.

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