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Bitcoin Inscriptions: Data From the Craze of 2023

• The article discusses the growing interest in Bitcoin inscriptions, which are NFT-like activities using the Bitcoin…

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Take Control of Your Money: How to Achieve Financial Sovereignty with Bitcoin

• The article discusses the importance of financial sovereignty, which can only be achieved through self custody…

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Nigeria: Forced Cashless Keynesian Economy Paves Way for CBDC

• Nigeria has introduced a central bank digital currency (CBDC), the eNaira, with restrictions on cash withdrawal….

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Why Bitcoiners are Struggling to Orange Pill the Masses

• Bitcoiners have an extremely low adoption rate of .01%, which is only 250,000 out of 2.2…

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US Capitol to Accept Bitcoin? Sen. Cruz Proposes Resolution

Summary • Sen. Ted Cruz has proposed a resolution that would request vendors within the Capitol area…

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Bitcoin Chess and Scratch: Earn Bitcoin While Having Fun!

• VIKER and ZEBEDEE have launched two new Bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch. • Players…

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Accessible and Affordable Healthcare: Let’s Make it Happen!

• Healthcare should be accessible to everyone in order to promote long-term health. • In the U.S.,…

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DCG and Genesis Accused of Defrauding Gemini Earn Users of $1.2B

• Cameron Winklevoss has released an extensive letter alleging that Genesis, its parent company Digital Currency Group…

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Régulation des Cryptomonnaies et de l’Ethereum

Les cryptomonnaies et l’Ethereum sont de plus en plus populaires à mesure que leur commerce s’étend et…

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Total Transparency: How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Can Curb Corruption

The technological advancement has enhanced accountability and transparency in many areas, reducing the incidence of corruption. Today,…